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Scott Williams

Scott Williams

CEO & Experienced Sound Engineer

"These last 20 Years in the Sound and Lighting industry have been a blast, I've met some amazing people and have had the gracious opportunity to turn my passion into a business... I know this is just the beginning of greater things to come..."

Scott Sound & Lighting was founded in 2000 by Scott Williams. Scott was a musician prior to playing in a rock and roll band for 10 years. Being exposed to the equipment for that amount years he quickly caught on to how to make effective sound and lighting.

More than a decade of having little to show from being a musician he decided he wanted more and begun using his existing gear and begun setting up sound for friends. Word of mouth spread and Scott was working 3 jobs in the sound industry.

Whilst working for a sound company, at the same time he worked for an Auckland installation company and at the casino as the in-house entertainment technician. All of this was happening when Scott Sound and lighting was born. Scott says “100 hour weeks were not unusual” for him at that time.

With over 18 years of experience it’s safe to say you get the real deal when working with Scott and the team. A true passion for what he does and ensures to go above and beyond for his customers

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